New Way to Get the Evaluation Key for GdPicture.NET

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New Way to Get the Evaluation Key for GdPicture.NET

Post by Elodie » Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:55 am


We used to automatically send the evaluation key to your email box after registration on our Evaluation webpage.
To avoid receiving your key in your spam box we changed the way to get an evaluation key for GdPicture.NET.

To obtain your key you have to run the licenseManager.exe tool shipped with the latest GdPicture.NET package. After installing the toolkit you will be automatically prompted to run the tool.

To obtain your key, here is what you need to do:

Step1: start the licenseManager.exe application.

Step2: fill the required fields and click the "Send Request" button. The demo key will automatically be displayed. An account on our online helpdesk will also be created as well as a one month of priority support SLA. You will be able to reach our support staff at this address:

You can see this information on our "Evaluate" page at


The demo license will allow you to fully try the GdPicture.NET software package for 30 days for free, with no functional limitation, including one month of priority support on our Helpdesk.

Please note that like before, all features of the software, including all optional plugins, will be enabled, so you will in fact test the Ultimate Edition of our toolkit.




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