Partner license owner, welcome here!

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Partner license owner, welcome here!

Post by Loïc » Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:07 pm


If you have received a Partner edition of GdPicture.NET you should be interested by the following dedicated F.A.Q.:

Is the license is really perpetual? What does it exactly means?
Yes, the license is really perpetual. Basically your key will be able to unlock any GdPicture.NET version, including future major releases. You will be granted to redistribute GdPicture.NET aside your application, according to our end user license agreement that can be found here: ... dotnet.php

Where can I download GdPicture.NET?
From the GdPicture.NET download page located here:

How to use my license KEY?
Your license key must be used within your application only. Unlike regular GdPicture.NET edition you don't have to register it within the LicenseManager.exe application.
To learn how to register your key within your application please have a look at the topic "How to unlock GdPicture.NET?" of the online reference guide that can be reached here:

Which features of GdPicture.NET are included within the partner edition?
See our comparison matrix located here: ... matrix.php

I need help, where can I find support?
We offer technical support for this edition only through our community forum. You can expect answers in reasonable delays and also find consequent knowledge base. See:

I need to use features that are not included in my edition, what can I do?
If the features are included in a commercial Plugin you can acquire it. Then, it will work within your edition like in any other commercial edition of GdPicture.NET.
If the features are included in another commercial edition of GdPicture.NET you can contact our sales team to obtain a consequent discount to acquire it. Our sales team can be reached through our chat system, through our quick contact form or through our helpdesk plateform.

Quick contact form:

Welcome here and thank you for your interest in our Software!


The whole GdPicture team.

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