Auto generate PDF annotation page?

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Auto generate PDF annotation page?

Post by ryancole11 » Mon Apr 25, 2022 11:37 pm

I'm trying to recall whether a feature that I remember is something that was found in GdPicturePro or another library. I've reviewed the documentation but can't seem to spot what I'm looking for. I'll go ahead and ask here too ...

Does GdPicturePro have a feature that will build a page that contains all of the PDF annotations on it? For example, if there's a multi page PDF and it has comments / annotations on it across the various pages, is there a way to create and append a new page that contains the content of those comments / annotations?

We used to have something that did that automatically but it may have been Oracle's Outside-In library. I cannot remember.

Thank you

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Re: Auto generate PDF annotation page?

Post by Hugo » Tue Apr 26, 2022 4:50 pm

Hi Ryancole11,

Thanks for your question.

Regarding your feature there is no automatic feature that does that in GdPicture however depending on the data you wish to append to a new page, GdPicture can allow you to copy this data to a new page.
Methods such as the following can be found: ... tents.html

Let me know if you need additional help with this or if you were just asking if there's a prebuilt solution for you.

Hugo Cudd
Technical Support

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