Problem whit license

Questions about GdPicture.NET license agreement.
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Problem whit license

Post by gtoledo » Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:11 pm


I'm using the example GdPicturePro5 HTML. When scans a document shows me the following message:

This is an unregistered version!
You can purchase full copy of this ActiveX at to disable this form.
You can get a demo license key here

It acquired the license.

This happens only with the HTML example, with Windows applications have no problem.

How can I correct this problem?


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Re: Problem whit license

Post by Loïc » Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:46 am


Please give me the name of the HTML sample. it is probably a problem of SetLicenseNumber() call.

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Re: Problem whit license

Post by gtoledo » Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:03 pm


the name HTML sample is:

Image Processing Demonstation using GdPicture Pro SDK in HTML page... and the URL

This is the HTML code:

Code: Select all

                                                    style="width:100%; height: inherit;"
                                                    id="GdViewer" standby="Loading GdPicture Imaging SDK" 
                                                    <param name="_ExtentX" value="10583"/>
                                                    <param name="_ExtentY" value="11351"/>
                                                    <param name="ScrollBars" value="-1"/>
                                                    <param name="EnableMenu" value="-1"/>
                                                    <param name="Zoom" value="1"/>
                                                    <param name="ImageWidth" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="ImageHeight" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="MouseMode" value="2"/>
                                                    <param name="ZoomStep" value="10"/>
                                                    <param name="ScrollSmallChange" value="1"/>
                                                    <param name="ScrollLargeChange" value="50"/>
                                                    <param name="VerticalResolution" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="HorizontalResolution" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="PageCount" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="CurrentPage" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="SilentMode" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="PdfDpiRendering" value="300"/>
                                                    <param name="pdfForceTemporaryMode" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="ImageForceTemporaryMode" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="SkipImageResolution" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="LockControl" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="ZoomMode" value="2"/>
                                                    <param name="PdfRenderingMode" value="2"/>
                                                    <param name="RectBorderStyle" value="1"/>
                                                    <param name="RectDrawMode" value="13"/>
                                                    <param name="Enabled" value="-1"/>
                                                    <param name="EnableMouseWheel" value="-1"/>
                                                    <param name="ImageAlignment" value="4"/>
                                                    <param name="ImagePosition" value="2"/>
                                                    <param name="AnimateGIF" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="RectBorderSize" value="1"/>
                                                    <param name="ClipControls" value="-1"/>
                                                    <param name="RectBorderColor" value="14737632"/>
                                                    <param name="BorderStyle" value="1"/>
                                                    <param name="Appearance" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="BackStyle" value="1"/>
                                                    <param name="BackColor" value="16579836"/>
                                                    <param name="ScrollOptimization" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="ViewerQuality" value="4"/>
                                                    <param name="ViewerQualityAuto" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="LicenseKEY" value="My License Key"/>
                                                    <param name="ForcePictureMode" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="KeepImagePosition" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="MouseWheelMode" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="ViewerDrop" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="DisableAutoFocus" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="MousePointer" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="PdfDisplayFormField" value="-1"/>
                                                    <param name="ForceScrollBars" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="PdfEnablePageCash" value="0"/>
                                                    <param name="ImageMaskColor" value="14737632"/>
                                                    <param name="Gamma" value="1"/>
                                                    <param name="RectIsEditable" value="-1"/>
                                                    <param name="ContinuousViewMode" value="-1"/>
                                                    <param name="MouseButtonForMouseMode" value="1"/>

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