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Before You Post

Post by Elodie » Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:57 am

Hello everyone,

Here are a few tips to help you post in this forum:

- explain you issue in English only. Even if we are a France based company, our team is international and most of our staff doesn't speak French or any other language.

- post in the right section of the forum: if your post isn't at the right place, it may not be read and could be deleted.

- do not duplicate your question in the forum and on our support platform: it is useless because our team sees all the posts, either on the forum and on the support platform. If you posted both on the form and on the support platform, don't be surprised is your post is being deleted from the forum, it is just more convenient for us to answer you on the support platform.

- in order to give you an answer as precise as possible to your issue, please provide a code snippet to illustrate it.

- to choose the GdPicture SDK most suited to your project, please take a look at the following links:
for the .NET Editions ... matrix.php
for the ActiveX Edition ... matrix.php
supported image formats for each toolkit

- and last but not least NEVER ENTER YOUR LICENSE NUMBER ON THE FORUM. This will result in an automatic termination of the license.

Thank you very much for your attention regarding these advices! :D




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