PDF Render Speed - scan vs office output

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PDF Render Speed - scan vs office output

Post by ifiling » Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:50 pm

We're currently using the last release of the v8 software; for a while I've been developing in a VM so lagging has become a part of my daily workflow. I've moved off the VM and while developing I've noticed quite a difference between the render speed for documents created via TWAIN source and those created via export from MS Office. What I can't put my finger on is why.

I'm currently testing with a 300Kb MS Office output multi page doc and a 19Kb single page scan. I have a tree view which links to the file path of each doc to allow me to switch between the two which is how I can see the difference in render speed. I have tested with the sample doc viewer app, this has the same problem, but it's not as visible as it's loading one doc at a time. I've attached the docs for reference.

Where should I start looking for the problem?
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