Javascript: Parameter by reference in PdfSearchText

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Javascript: Parameter by reference in PdfSearchText

Post by mveigl » Wed Nov 20, 2013 3:31 pm


I'm working with gdPicture version 10 with mvc and javascript.

I want to search a text in the pdf and get the resulting bounding box with following function:

Code: Select all

public Boolean PdfSearchText(
    int Page, 
    String Text, 
    int Occurrence, 
    Boolean CaseSensitive, 
    ref Single Left, 
    ref Single Top, 
    ref Single Width, 
    ref Single Height
Now the problem: How can i supply a byReference value in javascript/activex to use this method?
I didn't find any possibilities with javascript (creating javascript-object didn't work).

If there is no solution, I hope you can offer me a workaround to get the position of the found text.


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